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Responsibly made clothing, ethically made

For the planet

Maylyn and Co. is a slow fashion brand. Our vision is to promote a sustainable means to design, produce, and wear clothing to contribute to making the world better and greener. So how do we actually do it? All the clothes we make are done so with the most current sustainability practices in the market to sustain our environment for future generations.

Quality Over Quantity

With our ambition of promoting the long-term use of our products, we focus on quality and timelessness rather than trendiness. We design our clothes to be physically and emotionally durable and can be used for a long time when they are being taken care of in the right way. For that, we always advise our customers on the importance of caring for their garments and following our product guides. To better take care of their clothes, we also offer free laundry bags made from rPET. For sure, our products will maintain their quality for years to come. Moving forward, we commit to continuously research, test, and create products for longevity.

Microplastics & Waste Strategy

Our risk of microplastic pollution is zero as we only use innovative, naturally derived alternatives. Recycled fabrics minimize our water and energy consumption, and reduce our textile waste. We also make the most out of our fabric leftovers by turning them into scrunchies, sleep masks, among others.

Carbon Emissions

Online shopping is 87% more efficient than in-store shopping. Good thing that we are 100% online and this allows us to save so much energy from heating, cooling, and lighting physical stores. We also do not emit carbon emissions as there’s no need to drive to the shop. Most importantly, we have picked ocean freight as our transportation method from Persia as it is the most efficient form of transport. Airfreight generates 47 times as much greenhouse gas emissions as ocean freight. Unlike the fast fashion model, we don’t provide next-day delivery. To increase our efficiency, our fastest express delivery takes 2-3 business days making sure we load more parcels per truck and calculate more deliveries per journey. This significantly drops greenhouse gas emissions compared with in-store shopping.



The fabric we source to create our clothes is called modal which comes from sustainably managed forests in Mazandaran, Persia. Organic modal is made exclusively from the renewable fiber of beech trees which are responsibly thinned out, rather than cut down. Thinning is a practice applied in sustainable foresting. The wood is turned into a pulp which is dissolved in a closed-loop process with a non-toxic organic solvent.

Beech trees do not need much water to grow, making our production process consume 10-20 times less water compared to other types of fabric. These trees also do not require artificial irrigation. After harvesting beech trees, a purification process occurs to convert the wood chips into cellulose. The production process of the modal is similar to the production process of viscose but is much simpler and does not produce as much toxic waste. Because the beech tree is a regenerative plant, there are fewer chemicals used to produce this fabric. Moreover, the modal is completely biodegradable. A significant part of the harmful impact of the textile industry occurs in the textile dyeing and finishing stage. To mitigate this, the cellulose mixture is dyed before being turned into individual fibers. This process is called spin-dyeing and it results in 50% lower energy use and a 60% reduction in carbon footprint than the traditional technique. Because our products are made of modal, they do not require heavy washing which ultimately saves our patrons’ water consumption.

Persian Lotus Silk™

The Lotus fibers are grown and handpicked from sustainable family farms in our home country – Persia. Lotus silk is a natural flower fiber and is 100% animal cruelty-free. The Lotus flower protects fish and insects in our ecosystem, and it cleans the water in which it grows. The Lotus silk is probably the most eco-friendly fabric in the world as it contains zero chemical or toxic products. The process of manufacturing lotus silk is very delicate and sustainable because gas, electricity, or additional water are not utilized in the process. The plant is harvested without the use of hazardous pesticides or chemicals. The stems of the lotus plants are collected, snapped, and twisted to expose their fibers.


To increase the endurance of our products, we use recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) as our alternative to polyester fabric. Polyester is not biodegradable and harms the environment, and almost half of the world’s clothing is produced using this fabric. As one of our contributions to sustainable development, we choose to use rPET which is made by recycling plastic waste and water bottles into fibers. This is eco-friendly because recycling one ton of rPET materials saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space. With this practice, we also contribute to saving the marine environment as 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually. Aside from this, rPET is manufactured using 90% less water, 59% less energy, and 32% less carbon dioxide emissions than other fabrics. We’ve been continually reflecting and developing our processes over time. As a result, we plan on also using organic cotton and linen in our collections.


Our commitment to achieving high ethical social standards begins with ensuring working conditions reach the standards set by the International Labour Organization. Regular visits and check-ins with our factory is how we maintain our relationship with our partners, workers and ensure our code of conduct is implemented.

Our workshop

Is just North of Toronto, which is where our clothing is finished, class controlled and packaged using Eco-friendly solutions and vegan glues. In our family-owned studio, we are a family with less than 50 employees who are committed to excellence, quality and are truly devoted to our mission.

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Our exclusive factory

This factory is our main partner in business, it is an extension of Maylyn & Co. family. It is fairly small and employs 80 full-time workers. Because of our exclusive partnership, we are able to set the standards, dictate the terms and control the quality from the start to finish. All employees have flex working hours, launch hours, and are treated with care and respect.