Our Story

"It all began with skin sensitivity to synthetic materials used in clothes. The feeling of being stuck in the fabric. The desire to get rid of them every second because of the irritation they caused. The decision of starting an organic clothing line took place after all this frustration with fast fashion and the toxic materials they use. As a consumer, I wanted to feel free, airy, authentic in my outfits. I wanted my clothes to last for a long time. I wanted to see companies treat their workers ethically and the environment with care. I listened to my vents. I asked around and figured out that my girl friends, family and other women are feeling the same. At this point, I was determined to start something different. A solution to our daily struggles with clothing. Creating a unique experience with our sleepwear. A plant-based organic substitute. That was when I gave life to Maylyn & Co." - May Deldari, CEO & Founder

In Maylyn & Co., we are a family owned operation. We work globally with trusted partners who are like family and we have 100% control over every single step of the production. In order to focus on the quality and detailing, our garment construction takes longer and we make our products in small batches with less excess stock unlike a fast fashion production line. We source luxurious fabrics from different parts of the world such as Persia, Morocco and India, and work on them with great attention to quality and detail. We use Eco-friendly solutions in our packaging and ensure that our supply chain follows a low waste strategy as well.



We take pride in using premium fabrics in our products, with the goal of bringing you the most amazing and airy feeling.


Being fair and kind is important to us. Slower production times, ethical working conditions and fair deals for all.


Using plant-based fabrics and materials, biodegradable packaging and green solutions for all the orders.

Flower Charity program

We promote the culture of kindness and compassion to all people around the world. We strongly believe that the world would be a better place when we are together, and have love and support for one another. In this effort, we are donating a portion of our annual profit to a Flower Charity that makes Recycled Flower Bouquets and gift them to seniors at hospitals and nursing homes.