Made with care

Responsibly made clothing, ethically made


Our commitment to achieving high ethical social standards begins with ensuring working conditions reach the standards set by the International Labour Organization. Regular visits and check-ins with our factory is how we maintain our relationship with our partners, workers and ensure our code of conduct is implemented.

Our workshop

Is just North of Toronto, which is where our clothing is finished, class controlled and packaged using Eco-friendly solutions and vegan glues. In our family-owned studio, we are a family with less than 50 employees who are committed to excellence, quality and are truly devoted to our mission.

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Our exclusive factory

This factory is our main partner in business, it is an extension of Maylyn & Co. family. It is fairly small and employs 80 full-time workers. Because of our exclusive partnership, we are able to set the standards, dictate the terms and control the quality from the start to finish. All employees have flex working hours, launch hours, and are treated with care and respect.