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   Kind On You & 
  Mother Nature

We design for comfort and for feeling your best.

Founded in 2020 by May Deldari, a visionary BIPOC, queer woman, Maylyn & Co. embraces both your comfort and the well-being of our planet. At Maylyn & Co., we believe that lingerie should not only be sexy but also exceptionally comfortable. Whether it's bedtime or time for a little romance, your body deserves to feel its best—relaxed, cool, and undeniably sexy.
 The name Maylyn & Co. reflects our core values — 'Maylyn' representing intimacy and connection, while 'Co.' embodies our collective commitment to protect and nurture both our environment and the individuals within it. We promise to uphold the highest standards of sustainability and ensure that every garment reflects our dedication to your well-being. Learn about our impact.
At Maylyn & Co., we're all about crafting lingerie, loungewear, and bedding that seamlessly blend style, comfort, and sustainability. While we won't argue against the merits of sleeping in the buff (after all, it's nature's finest pajamas), our mission is to provide products that feel so good, you might just reconsider your birthday suit bedtime routine!

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