Sustainable from Seed to Fabric

We are a Canadian, PETA-Approved Vegan Certified Nightwear brand. Our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment by using high quality, green fabrics that are kind on skin.

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Our innovative fabric

The silk industry is one of the cruelest and unsustainable industries. To cultivate silk, billions of silkworms are boiled before they have even have the chance to transform into moths. These little creatures can feel pain; they suffer. As a 100% Cruelty-free apparel company, we take pride in producing a plant-based alternative to animal derived silk. Our innovative Vegan silk™ fabric is ethically made with organically farmed Lotus plants. Our exclusive family farm located in Rudsar, Persia grows organic Lotus free of any chemicals or toxic materials.

Lounge in comfort

Grey Stuff Minimal set.

Sustainable farming

Synthetic materials can be harsh on skin that's why we only use premium natural fibres in our products. We are partnered with family-run farms in rural Persia to pick the best fibres, ensuring sustainable practices, fair wages, and healthy working conditions along the way.

  • Our Mission

    Fair working conditions for our people, sustainable practices and protecting Mother Nature by using natural dyes and fabrics

  • Quality

    We are proud to be the first Canadian sustainable clothing brand which exclusively offers sleepwear & loungewear

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